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File Download Icons

Here you find a few icons for different file types.

They are roughly inspired by the Tango Icon Theme Guidelines and thus can be nicely combined with other Tango icons.

The different kinds of files (program, document, movie, archive, image, sound) are represented by different forms of the icons (window, sheet, film stripe, package, photo, sound waves), the different file formats are denoted through colours and their typical file extension. This way, people can see the type of a file without knowing the icon, which is important if the icons are used on websites, where users don’t have time to get used to the icons but have to recognize the different formats straight from the first look..

The set consists of 34 icons for most of the common file formats you usually find on the web (while proprietary formats like DOC, XLS or PPT with equivalent free alternatives have intentionally been omitted as they souldn’t be used on the web).

You can download the icons in a handy package.

The icons are available in various sizes.


anyexec.png anyfile.png anymovie.png anypack.png anypic.png anysound.png avi.png bin.png deb.png exe.png Folder.png gif.png gz.png jar.png jpg.png mp3.png mpg.png odg.png odp.png ods.png odt.png ogg.png pdf.png png.png rpm.png sh.png svg.png swf.png tar.gz.png tar.png tgz.png tif.png xcf.png zip.png


anyexec20.png anyfile20.png anymovie20.png anypack20.png anypic20.png anysound20.png avi20.png bin20.png deb20.png exe20.png folder20.png gif20.png gz20.png jar20.png jpg20.png mp320.png mpg20.png odg20.png odp20.png ods20.png odt20.png ogg20.png pdf20.png png20.png rpm20.png sh20.png svg20.png swf20.png tar.gz20.png tar20.png tgz20.png tif20.png xcf20.png zip20.png


anyexec16.png anyfile16.png anymovie16.png anypack16.png anypic16.png anysound16.png avi16.png bin16.png deb16.png exe16.png folder16.png gif16.png gz16.png jar16.png jpg16.png mp316.png mpg16.png odg16.png odp16.png ods16.png odt16.png ogg16.png pdf16.png png16.png rpm16.png sh16.png svg16.png swf16.png tar.gz16.png tar16.png tgz16.png tif16.png xcf16.png zip16.png

Creative Commons License
The icon set is licensed under a Creative Commons license. When using or redistributing please set a link to this page.

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