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My Logo: the Squirrel

The prominent identifier of this website is the squirrel you see in the header at the top of each page. But what does it mean?

The squirrel, called “Oachkatzerl” after the bavarian word for this kind of animal, is not only the mascot of this website but my personal logo. I created it in 2010, after many experiments with all kinds of variations of logos with my name or my initials, when I finally thought – if there are companies that are recognized by a half-eaten piece of fruit, there also had to be a simple symbol in which I could see myself. But which one?

Finally, I remembered the squirrel – not only has it been one of my favorite animals since I was a kid, but it also represents in my opinion many positive characteristics that I’d love to have myself: it stands for application, frugality and good preparation and is an agile, cheerful little animal with charisma. And it’s extremely cute.

So I created this form of the squirrel that you can see here. Since then, I have started using it everywhere – as a profile image in forums and social networks, on my website, stationery, business cards... simply everywhere.

Sample uses

Website Stationery Business card

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