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w3i – world wide web interactive

In the university project “Interactive Systems II” we created an interactive e-learning application for our university’s “Web Engineering” lecture. The application is called “w3i”, which stands for “world wide web interactive”.

This project took place in my 7th semester at university.

In teams, we created concepts and designs for the interactive content of the application which we realized afterwards. Each team was responsible for one of the three main topics of the application. Our team’s topic was »Dynamic Content on the Web« and thus we created different pages on which the topic is explained and can be discovered interactively.


The single pages have been implemented in Flash/Flex and integrated into a common Flex application called “w3i”. The result can be tried out online.


About the projects “w3i” and »biolab« I created a presentation which can be viewed online (You can control it using the arrow keys on your keyboard).

Live Demos

Unfortunately, the site with the application on the university’s server seems to be offline right now, but I uploaded the pages I created to my server, so you can explore the content (without the context of the containing main application) in your browser (the Flash player plugin needs to be installed):


Logo von w3i – world wide web interaktiv

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